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Throw a whole new light on your en-suite, kitchen, utility, storage…in fact, wherever you want!  The Premium sliding door system gives you extra space and the frameless glass door creates a lighter, roomier feel to any area.
Many different types and styles are available – apart from our standard satin finish glass doors you can choose from a wide range of sandblasted patterns, coloured glass inserts or hand painted designs by Venetian artists.

Also available for double cavity and telescopic cavity sliders


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Glass Door Cavity Unit. Premium Sliding Doors Frameless Glass. Is a distinctive alternative to the doors installed in cavity sliders. Instead of a standard 38mm thick door. Use a sheet of 10 – 12mm toughened glass is use. As a result there is no visible framing around the edge of the glass. Giving an impression of space and light through and around the doorway. 

These units are always supplied with brush seals fitted to the jambs, which protect and guide the door and perform well acoustically. Units have an approximate STC rating of 34. 

Locations that suit these doors include: boardroom entrances, shop fronts, office fit outs and many more.


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