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Glass doors, either wholly frameless or with minimal fixtures, provide a versatile and stylish result in a wide scope of commercial, hotel, leisure or residential situations, maintaining light and space and allowing visual access to welcome visitors or customers.

Our glass doors are suitable for internal or external use with individually specified fittings, handles, and softclosing mechanisms. Each Ion Glass door is manufactured and installed to meet individual requirements. All our glass doors are fully compliant and can be fitted with locks as required, with the option of manual, spft closing systems

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Premium Sliding Doors
Frameless Glass Door

Frameless glass door Not just for the en-suite – create more space and let the sun shine through everywhere in your house. Between the living room and dining room, through to the kitchen, making more space in a tiny utility room. Everywhere looks bigger and brighter with Premium Sliding Doors pocket systems. Also with our beautiful frameless glass doors.

Beautifully crafted, these doors come in a wide range of designs and motifs.  Or you can even opt for your own customized design Рthe possibilities are endless. Play with light, shade and colour for an effect that expresses your individuality.

Make some more space…. make a brighter place to live!


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