Premium Sliding Doors Pty Ltd

Cavity units comes with a complete re-think of the use of  cavity sliding doors and sliding doors system.
Our designers and architects worked hard to give you the best cavity sliding door system. For strength and durability our cavity sliding units comes entire of aluminium. All our cavity pocket are available for many different types of doors. Aluminium sliding door, frameless glass door and timber door as well. All type of doors (30mm up to 50mm thick) works perfectly with our pocket system. When you buy our cavity unit you get a completely made to measure cavity sliding door. Our Cavity systems are full assembl and also ready to install. All our doors pockets come with standard roller kit and full trims kit (6,10 or 13 mm gyprock). We sell roller kit with soft close system , as a result it will help your door to close smooth and silent. With Premium Sliding  Doors you will get more usable space in any project. Also It will maximise floor area with no compromise in design. Easy installation with custom-made trims set architrave or shadow line wall finish. Just use our Aluminium framed cavity sliding door for better quality.