• For Homeowners
    Enjoy the elegance of Soft-closing technology. Our tracks allow you to choose any door design. Our systems also allow you to choose any wood, aluminium or frameless glass door design. Cavity sliding doors are incredibly safe for children and they reduce the chances of accidents happening in a home. Another wonderful upside of these doors is that they are sleek and offer an attractive and modern appearance, especially if you opt for those which feature panelled glass.
  • For Contractors
    Cavity sliding doors require little to no maintenance and remain trouble-free over their lifetime. While many people are apprehensive about the installation process, it is fairly straightforward for professionals. Moreover, cooling and heating ducts, plumbing, drainpipes and cables can be left in the cavity where sliding doors are installed. Our Cavity System are not only easy for installation, also you can upgrade it later. All what you need to add a soft close mechanism which can be installed with minimal costs.
  •  For Architects
    Your designs will always have tremendous space saving benefits. Traditionally used in smaller rooms or where the space demand by a hinged door is not available. Firs of all we make your job easier because of our technology. Also unlimited design options with wood doors, aluminium frame doors and frameless glass doors. Unique functionality.